Tomatis Listening Therapy


A Neuro-Auditory Listening Therapy

A listening therapy, also known as neuro-feedback.  Following a listening test, the client will receive headphones with a personal programme of classical music (mostly Mozart, waltzes and Gregorian chants) for 13 to 15 days.  There's then a break of one month, during which period I will lend the client a Forbrain; this is followed by a second series of Tomatis lasting a further 15 days.  While listening to the Tomatis device, the client will be able to move, walk, do different activities such as board games, puzzles, etc. and I will combine the Tomatis with other therapies to enhance the result.  The Tomatis device is portable, so the client can either come to me for the sessions or take the device home with them.  Should you wish to research Tomatis further, I can recommend the Tomatis website: