Kinesitherapy   Holistic Therapy 


A listening therapy, also known as neuro-feedback.   Following a listening test, the client will receive headphones with a personal programme, listening to classical music.  While listening to Tomatis the client will be able to move, walk, do different activities such as board games, puzzles, etc.  I will offer different therapies, in addition to the Tomatis, to enhance the result.  The Tomatis device is portable so the client can either come to me for the sessions or take the device home with them.  Should you wish to research Tomatis further, I can recommend the Tomatis website: 

EFT Tapping

Psychological Acupressure

Tapping on acupressure points, which is a very easy method to learn. Acupressure increases the body's endorphin levels, our feel-good neuro-transmitters. Once taught , the client can use this method on their own.


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Sensory Integration


Psychomotricity is based on the holistic view of a balanced body and mind, working on movement and co-ordination.  It is a clinical and therapeutic approach, addressing the person as a whole; integrating cognitive, emotional and physical aspects, and enhancing overall well-being.  It often leads to increased creativity, as well as producing a positive balance between mind and body. 

Psychomotricity offers a global action using all the body's movements.

Use your voice to boost your brain

The Forbrain is designed to improve :


This is a device which uses your own voice to retrain your ear and boost your hearing.

I am able to order these for my clients at a reduced price.

My Experience

About Me

In Belgium

I qualified with distinction in Kinestherapie, with Psychomotricity, in my native Belgium in the 1990s.  I then studied Sophrology at the European Federation of Sophrology and did a Cours Superior in Royen with Mr Y, Darrou.

"I was fascinated by the varied ways in which Sophrology can be applied to many aspects of life, such as sport, education and work, purely by  improving a person's connection and awareness between their mind and body."

In the UK

I continued my interest in complementary treatments with a range of further qualifications.  This included training as a practitioner in the Tomatis Method, which uses sound sensory integration to treat an array of conditions.

I also qualified as a Bach Flowers practitioner; in EFT (Tapping); and, as a trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).  I am also trained in Reflexology for hands, feet and face.


Dynamic Relaxation

Like Mindfulness, Sophrology is a structured method based around relaxation and breathing techniques, incorporating both Western relaxation techniques and Eastern meditation.  Sophrology has many applications from exam preparations to pre-natal planning or from releasing stress to sports coaching.


Rebalancing the body's energy

Reflexology is a technique where the therapist applies gentle pressure to reflex areas on the feet, hands or face.  Each reflex point is connected to different organs and parts of the body.  Stimulation of the reflex points can release tension and boost energy.

Natural Medicine

Bach Flowers

Restore the balance between mind and body 

Famous for its rescue remedy, the yellow bottle,  the Bach Flowers represent 38 emotions.  We experience them all but some of the emotions stay with us more than others and can create an imbalance between mind and body.  Taking the remedies can restore this precious balance, and they are taken 4 drops/4 times per day minimum,  or anytime the person is feeling the emotion.

Space Detox

Your home should be your refuge - a place where you can relax and boost your energy.  Yet often we can feel trapped in our own surroundings and sapped of the energy needed to refresh our home.  I will visit you at home and provide custom-made suggestions of how to rearrange your rooms to create extra space and positive energy.

NLP Coaching

Neuro Linguitic Programming

To train the mind to find better strategies to cope with stress and achieve success, helping clients to switch to more effective patterns of behaviour.  As a qualified NLP coach I can help you with techniques to boost confidence, reduce stress and help with conditions such as a fear of flying or interview nerves.

Running Shoes

Walk and Coach - Walking Solution

let's talk and get moving in a park near you   

Fresh air and fresh thinking can help to move you forward.  When you feel trapped, a change of scene can often open the mind to new possibilities.  I will accompany you and build your belief as we stride out together outdoors - whatever the weather, we will defeat the elements together!


Specialty in Children & Teens

"Busy life in London?  Tell me about it!  I've had three children at three different schools and understand fully the stresses that we can all face.  We all need to juggle our lives and use every ounce of our precious energy as efficiently as possible - whilst also finding time to regenerate our metabolism, and restore our energy levels once more.  It can be done - my friends always comment on how efficient and energetic I am."

I work with clients of all ages and backgrounds.  This includes children, for whom I have applied my training in Psychomotricity to conduct fun activity sessions in schools and nurseries, helping to provide young children with better awareness and focus in the classroom.  I use my experience of many different therapies to recommend a tailored course of treatment that best suits each client.  I'm dedicated to helping my clients move through a wide range of physical, emotional and spiritual transitions in the most efficient and transformative way possible.

Paper cut of family with flowers background on a green grass.Family Life Insurance.Protecting family

Positive Discipline

Parenting Tools for children and teenagers

Parenting is one of the most rewarding experiences we will ever have.  As all parents soon discover, our children are all different and quickly develop their own opinions, which can result in moments of deep frustration and even desperation.  I've been coached by Jane Nelson, who developed the Positive Discipline parenting tools precisely so we can communicate effectively with our children.

Storage containers for art and craft

House Solutions

Declutter   Detox your Home and Free your Mind

Your home should be your refuge - a place where you can relax and boost your energy.  Yet often we can feel trapped in our own surroundings and sapped of the energy needed to refresh our home.  I will visit you at home and provide custom-made suggestions of how to rearrange your rooms to create extra space and positive energy.